Tuesday, 29 May 2007

New Threads

Been out to buy some new thread today - quite a few people have recommended Robison Anton (RA) machine embroidery thread and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was available locally. Bought four spools and a silver and gold, which said goodbye to £30 - ouch! Also got a piece of heavyweight interfacing for the 3" square swap. Have requested a shade card from RA and they have emailed to say it is on its way.

Embellished some denim with Gutterman denim topstitch thread and a 2 coloured RA 'twist' . The photo doesn't do it quite justice colourwise - it's more subtle. Eventually the fabric will be a bag, I like soft, worn denim and the speed at which my boys go through jeans, there's always a ready supply. I'm happy with the stitching, tension is perfect and I've used the TOM (Turn Over Memory) function on the 4900QC. I want to try out the mirror imaging features next, need to consult the instruction book again for that - bit more bedtime reading!


Paul said...

£30...still feeling the pain!

Annette said...

Guess you've been rumbled!!!

liz said...

Looking forward to seeing your bag:)