Friday, 11 May 2007

My Painting

I was at a craft show with a friend and saw someone doing decorative painting. Next month my friend gave me acrylic paint and brushes for Christmas, I bought some books and was hooked, that was December 2004. I painted all sorts of flowerpots and wooden bits and bobs through 2005, joined some painting email lists in the US and got lots of help and tips. Took part in a few exchanges. On holiday in Nottinghamshire summer 2005 I saw an advert for classes in a craft shop and put my name down for the next course - it didn't start until February 2006 but it was so worth waiting for. It was a 150 mile round trip every Wednesday for 18 weeks. My wonderful DH took his day off so he could drive me there and wait while I did the 3 hour class every week. By July 2006 I had completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Decoart Art of Brushstroke Decorative Painting course. I missed it when it finished, it was great painting with others and the ladies on the course were lovely.

The picture above is the sample of traditional English folk painting we did on the course. I've got lots of metal buckets, tubs and watering cans waiting in my stash and some of them will get this sort of design............eventually.

Since the end of the course I have been back for two workshops, one "Flowering Beauty" (picture left) and the other "All Snuggled In" a Jamie Mills Price design. Sadly nothing since, the craft shop isn't selling paint anymore, so I guess they won't be doing any more workshops. Good news is that the teacher on the Decoart course may be opening her own studio soon, so can't wait for that.
That's where I am with my painting and how I started.

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Lorraine's Stuff said...

Wonderful Decorator's painting, I have not done this since the late 80's and still have some of it around..will have to look them up..Again, they are pretty..hugs, Lorraine