Friday, 16 May 2014

Caravanning !!!

At last!  We got to go in our caravan bought in November.  Both of us needed a break and what better way to spend a couple of nights on a lovely site, Mediterranean style weather thrown in, only 12 miles from home.

Some find it difficult to believe that a good time can be had in Bridlington but there is no doubt that this Caravan Club Site is the best, in terms of cleanliness, facilities and location, that we have visited.  The first time we have camped alone, without children, so we have a different list of priorities these days.

Danes Dyke nature reserve, Flamborough Head and Lighthouse, Sewerby Park, North and South Bays of Bridlington Beach, Bempton RSPB reserve, North Landing (beach and caves) - all more or less on the doorstep and mostly welcoming for our two dogs Sparky and Skrapy.

We weren't sure how the boys would take to caravanning but we need not have worried - they loved it and slept well.  Every time Skrapy goes outside since we came home he heads for the van and if the door is open he jumps in and settles down for a sleep - must feel like home.

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