Sunday, 14 October 2012

Catching Up...

Such a long time since I posted.  Been so busy with all sorts.  Rachelle has left us and moved to Sheffield where she is at university.  Our house is up for sale, lots of lookers but no buyers yet.  Fingers are crossed that we get an offer soon and then we can decide where we want to go.  

Sparky has become quite a grown up, but still has his boisterous teenage moments from time to time.  

Tim came home last week for a short holiday - the two of us went to Sheffield for the day on Saturday and had a lovely time being shown round by Rachelle.  She lives right in the city centre and is loving it.  We looked at the Winter Garden, had a very long lunch and also got to look around some art galleries - too many to do in one day but I did see the Hyperbolic Crocheted Coral Reef which was splendid.

Not much crafting going on - it's difficult with a pup who only wants to help.................

I managed to finish Rachelle's uni quilt - will ask her to send a photo - I forgot to take one.

Here's some photos of mine and my family's
 recent doings !!!

Lunch at the Bar Convent Cafe in York with my friends from the Working Age Members of the Macular Society

Rachelle all dressed up for her prom.

Sparky relaxing in his favourite place, watching 
the world go by

Rachelle's last day working for Specsavers.

Here's Sparky - tied to a tree at Hatfield Travel Lodge.  Just taking a break on the way home from Sheffield

Can somebody get me a haircut......................Please!

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