Sunday, 11 December 2011

Quilt Binder Set

Janome Canada have really gone to town with this accessory and produced several excellent tutorial videos on the Quilt Binder Set.  When I first saw the binder (and the price) I was sceptical about how well it performed and how it would work with mitred corners.  It's not a big deal putting a double fold binding on by hand, in fact it's nice to have a straightforward hand sewing project to sit and relax with, but it is time consuming, and I don't have that much spare time.  Click here for all the videos.

There is a learning curve with the binder and I think it will take some practice getting into the swing of it but the video shows that a neat job is achievable.  There's never any shortage of help from my husband when there's a technical issue to sort so if I can't get it set up, he will.  There's one in stock at my local shop and I've put my name on it for after Christmas.  With Christmas and birthday money and a bit of help from next pay day I should have it up and running in the New Year.

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