Thursday, 22 December 2011

Goodbye Benji

Benji has been with us since 18 February 2008 when we adopted him from the RSPCA.  He blended into our family immediately and became our loyal, loving and constant companion.  We never suspected that when he went lame, four weeks later, we would be saying "Goodbye".  It all happened so quickly.  Our own vet and three others tried their best to make him better but eventually a large tumour was found on his spine and there was nothing could be done.  He left us on 13th December and we miss him so much.  We could not have wished for a better dog to share our home.

Ben had his own blog of fun times and days out


Diane-crewe said...

poor old lad, hopefully with it being quick he did not suffer xx and also that his last years were happy with you and your family xx

Thriftyideas said...

So sorry to hear that. He was very lucky to have a family to care and love him.