Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lucky on Freecycle

About a month ago I was lucky enough to get a beautiful sewing cabinet, which seemed to be made to measure for my Horizon MC7700QCP sewing machine, from a lady on the local Freecycle.  Today she was offering a Simplicity fold away cutting table and I was extremely lucky to be chosen again to receive that.  Actually I was more than extremely lucky as there were some other things I was given along with the table which were surplus to requirements and they are great additions to my sewing room.
Made in Australia from corrugated cardboard, this table is as solid as a rock when set up.  In the box it will fit neatly under the bed.  

A June Tailor Quilter's Mate - this is a large cutting mat perfect size for taking to classes.

A small Fiskars cutting mat.

A new aluminium yardstick.

A June Tailor Shape Cutter ruler - which I used to cut the borders for the Stained Glass quilt and it's a really nifty gadget.  Takes all the pain out of cutting strips, and according to videos on You Tube it cuts great squares, rectangles, diamonds in large quantities so it'll be a big time saver.

This is another nifty gadget - videos on You Tube demonstrate this Square and Circular Pillow Template cutting pillows quickly and easily any size from 12 inches to 24 inches.

There was a travel iron too - another useful thing to take to classes rather than queuing for the ironing board.

Aren't I lucky?

I also got to see this lovely lady's beautiful quilts currently under construction.  They were gorgeous and so precise, not to mention perfect colour combinations.  

Last but not least I got a guided tour and demo of the all new singing and dancing Brother embroidery machine.  I'm not going to go into details but it was AMAZING - I never thought I would want to pursue machine embroidery, but I could well be tempted if I spent too much time looking at that machine.  Needless to say this lady's embroidery work was  exquisite.

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