Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dyeing - Part 2

Today's dyeing session consisted of some fabric shopping - I only found cotton poplin at £3.25 and it's not great but something to keep me going through the experimentations.  I have some samples from Whalleys in Bradford and if I decide that I really want to do more then I'll get some PFD fabric (prepared for dyeing) or whatever is suitable from them.

I've made up another gallon of soda ash solution and soaked the poplin and quilting fabric from Scarborough Sewing Centre.

Using my new book Fun Fast and Easy Fabric Dyeing by Lynn Koolish I have followed the instructions for doing a two colour gradation - the two colours being golden yellow and turquioise.  The photos show the 6 dye mixes and I already know that little can be known about the end result by looking at the colour of the mixed dye.  How it looks wet and then how it looks when it is dried and ironed can be very, very different.  This will be seen in a future post with photos of the fabrics I dyed yesterday.

It's a bit messy but I'm enjoying playing around with it all in the summer house.  I've had two major spills and it doesn't matter in there.  Great place to work when it's not too cold.

I did try to upload the photos in order showing the gradation from Golden Yellow to Turquoise but they haven't appeared in order.  It's too time consuming to try and rearrange them so I'll leave them as they are..

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