Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dyed Fabric - Results so Far

I can now say I have a stash of my own dyed fabric, there's getting on 50 pieces so I think it qualifies as a"Stash".
The photos were emailed and I can't seem to control what order they appear in the blog post so it's a bit of a scramble but I'll say what they are under each picture.

Above a two colour gradation from blue to cerise.

Above a one colour gradation of petrol green

Two colour gradation from golden yellow to turquoise - on calico

Spectacular results from folding, scrunching and squirting concentrated dye onto white cotton above and below.  These are my favourite pieces.

Above is a random mixture with a base colour of lemon yellow - leftovers from the gradation work has been dripped over the scrunched or folded yellow fabric.  I don't like to waste the leftovers and it's exciting waiting for the results.  If they're bad they can just be dyed over again later.

Above pastel colours from the first attempts at mixing the dyes.

Above - stronger jewel-like colours on white on white fabric.

A four step gradation of turquoise

A four step gradation of yellow.

I wish I could get my camera to capture the true colours, they really are much stronger and vibrant in real life than these pictures show.  My digital photography skills are still a work in progress.

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Julie said...

Fabulous results Lynne, especially the scrunched and squirted! I have trouble with getting colours to look like the real thing too. Yellows and Turquoises are a real problem on the computer.