Sunday, 24 October 2010

Philippa Naylor Workshop

My friend Chris and I are organising a Philippa Naylor workshop - Free Motion & Trapunto - Friday 10th December 2010. It is priced to cover the costs, not make a profit.
There are a few places left for anyone who would like to come. The workshop runs from 10am to 4pm in Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire and is £25. You need a packed lunch and a sewing machine which can have its feed dogs dropped. There is also a supplies list which is available when you book.
Philippa is a well known award winning quilter - you can see her on this video which was filmed in May at the Houston quilt show. The second half of the video gives a taste of what is on offer at the workshop.
Please email me  if you are interested in booking a place. I can supply hotel / B&B details for anyone who wants to stay over.
Fabulous Free-motion Machine Quilting With Trapunto
Full Day - All Levels.

Exploration of free-motion machine quilting begins with discussion of materials, equipment and the techniques Philippa employs in her work. After demonstrations students then produce a range of samples (stippling, contemporary feathers, leaf and line designs) to practice free-motion work, before moving on to a small trapunto sample piece which will illustrate how well trapunto adds sculptural dimension to a quilt. Students will leave class confident and inspired to continue developing their free-motion skills! Patterns are provided.

You do need to be familiar with your sewing machine, how to set it up and drop the feed dogs as Philippa is unable to spend time during the workshop with individuals who can't do this.  You should be able to find out all the info you need in your instruction manual.

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