Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lazy Girl Runaround Bag

I think I have to say this Lazy Girl Runaround bag is just too lazy for me.  The concept is good - I wanted something which was fairly unobtrusive and could carry valuables such as money, cards, keys and specs around at work without having to take the big bag.  It's just too simple for me, size is perfect but I want more detail, pockets, zips maybe and I'm quite capable of making something more complex. 
If I made it again I'd interface the handle to make it a bit more substantial and I'd probably also lightly interface all the bag pieces too.  All those layers would give the Horizon something to think about !!!

1/4" seam foot and lots of layers have not made a happy marriage on this amazing, wonderful, fabulous new sewing machine of mine. Janome Japan have announced they are making a new 1/4" foot and it will be free to all those who have bought the Horizon and included with the machine in future.

Might not make this one again, but I like the little Maggie bag I made and it could have several uses so a good way to use up leftovers of nice fabric.  I will be adapting it though - sewing on the hook side of the velcro by hand was a bitch and the eye end of the needle went into my poor finger several times.  I will work out a way to stitch it on before the main seam is sewn..............and YES I do have a thimble(s) and NO I couldn't lay my hands on it/them at the time.  I should have known better as I'd already impaled my left forefinger on some extremely small and sharp applique scissors and caught the blood on my white T shirt rather than my sewing project.

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