Friday, 20 August 2010

Quilted in the Pink!

Off with the standard foot and on with the Open Toe Accufeed - it would be nice to just press a button but you have to remove the shank and screw on the Accufeed, less than a minute and the results are well worth it.  I chose a wavy line for the quilting to contrast with all the rectangles.  I spray basted the quilt but I don't think I need to - next time I'll try pinning and be more environmentally friendly.  The Accufeed keeps the layers so precisely together I should be OK.

First printed label I've made, in fact it's the first quilt I've ever labelled.  I'm told that all quilts should bear a label, so maybe I should get into the habit.  I used MS Word and made the background the same colour as the backing fabric.  Found a giraffe in clip art to tie in with the backing fabric and then wrote a few words.  I got my printable cotton sheets from Crafty Computer Papers - it's supposed to be washable and I will be washing the quilt as soon as the binding is on to get rid of any remaining adhesive so fingers crossed.

Colour is a little better today but I'm in the shadow - shouldn't complain about the eye piercingly brilliant sunshine!

Crisis has arisen as this quilt is made of left overs I have nothing to bind it with.  After a frantic search late last night to avoid a mad dash to Scarborough Sewing Centre today, Paul produced the bag of new fabrics I bought for the upcoming September workshop.  The background I chose for that is lemon so that ties in well with the backing so fabric shopping trip avoided - what a pity!

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Annabelle said...

Interested in your site, love the labels, and the machine is to die for. I want one of those! I am a new crafter and a new blogger ( and looking for inspiration. Found some - thanks.