Friday, 27 August 2010

Bias Binder Foot

I can't remember when I bought this foot but it came to mind whilst I have been thinking over the purchase of either the quilt binding set at over £100 or a Janome bias binder foot for around £12.  It has to be more than ten years, in fact I think it will be nearer 15 years.  It came from Jaycotts and has the price label on the bag of £11 - quite steep really all those years ago.  It didn't take nearly as long to find it as I thought it might amongst my extensive range of sewing paraphernalia.
All those years ago I tried all ends up to get some bias binding round something or other and make that foot pay its way but I remember tossing it to the back of the sewing box regretting how much I'd spent on another gadget which didn't work.
I've watched a lot of videos on various bias binder feet in action recently and armed with that knowledge I snapped this foot onto the Horizon, slotted the tape through, pushed the quilted tea cosy edge inside the tape and away I went.  I moved the needle position over to the right a little to make sure the edge of the tape was being caught at both sides and Bob's your uncle.
As far as I am aware I do not have an Uncle called Bob, but I do have a foot which makes a very acceptable job of attaching binding.
I don't think it will do big, thick jobs and I'm not sure how long the plastic will hold up - could be a bit brittle with age but it stands out above the Janome metal foot as this one is adjustable and it can take a wide range of tape widths - I'm guessing here from the gauge on the foot - 5mm up to around 20mm - and that's after folding.  It says low shank on the packet but the Horizon is a high shank and I can't see it matters on a snap on foot anyway.  Jaycotts still sell it for £18.33 and there is a choice of snap on or screw on.
What a satisfying find amongst the jungle of my sewing supplies!  I'm still thinking about the bigger quilt binding set but I don't need the smaller Janome binding foot as long as this one holds out.

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