Saturday, 24 July 2010

Long Deep Breath...................

Today is the first day of my long summer holiday from school, after taking a long, deep breath I have compiled this list
  • Spend time with my eldest son who lives 300 miles away - I've only seen him for a couple of days since Christmas
  • Sort out, chuck out and get ready everything I need for going back to work
  • Catch up on the housework and big cleaning jobs
  • Catch up on my studying - I need to do 6 long modules for one qualification and probably 30 or 40 shorter pieces of work for the other qualification - intention is to split that down and try to do X number per week.  Got to keep going - it all ends in January and I'll have free time again!
  • I'd like to do a bit of painting - of the decorative sort if time allows
  • and lastly, I have several quilts to make and it will be a chance to get to know my new Janome Horizon machine a lot better.

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