Monday, 26 July 2010

Big Drum Roll

We have a local Agricultural Show in our town, been running over 100 years and is the largest one day agricultural show in the country - so it's quite famous in its own right.  School children are allowed the day off school to go, but that doesn't stretch to the staff so most years I miss out, no different this year.  Anyway a bit of a brag - my daughter's teacher entered Rachelle's GCSE textiles project unbeknown to Rachelle and it won FIRST PRIZE so we're both very proud.

This is the only photo we have of the wall hanging, Rachelle took it with her phone before rushing it to school in time for the moderation.  Hopefully when it comes back home I'll be able to take a better one.

Well Done Rachelle!

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Annette said...

Well done Rachelle - it is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it in 'real life.'