Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Janome Horizon Sewing Machine

I've just ordered one of these
Click to see brochure
Worldwide launch May 1st.
There's a great part exchange deal for your old machine - £500

and a free trolley to transport it
I'll try not to wish April away!
Vive Diem


Leona Harden said...

I hope you love your new machine. I have two Janomes and use a Tin Lizzie to create my "masterpieces" and quilt for other people.

I'm visiting London in late May, staying near the V&A Quilt exhibit.

Hope to meet some UK quilters. leona (TurboQuilter)

glenda said...

Can yiou tell me what was the price of the new Janome Horizon? I'm in the US and cannoot get a price yet.

When will you actually get the new sewing machine? I would love to know your opinion of the performance

Lynne said...

Hi Glenda, it is £1749 GB pounds but there is a £500 GBP trade in on any machine which brings it down to £1249. Don't know how that comes out in US$. I set this group up to see if anyone wanted to chat about the new machine - just two members at the moment but I'm hoping more might join as word gets around - you're welcome too! Janome UK have told me it should be over here around 15th May.

Susan Lynn said...

My local dealer (Idaho, USA) just said about $3000. She knew I was not going to be able to buy one now. But I want one!!!