Sunday, 28 March 2010

Out of Africa

Well Tim will soon be out of Africa - he's flying from Johhanesberg this evening - might even be airbourne now.  Not sure what time his flight is but had a text this morning to say it had been "awesome" and he would telephone tomorrow when he is home in Brighton.  His trip has been at the back of me mind all week, trying to imagine what he is up to and how he is feeling.  He has been abroad many times but not outside Europe, so the feel of Africa will have been amazing for him.  Paul and I are going down to see him for a couple of days next week.  We're looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing lots of pictures.
I don't think he reads my blog so I'm safe in posting these photos.  This is a printed fabric panel, I saw it a while back, advertised in Fabrications magazine and ordered it last Sunday, along with some backing fabric.  Have put it together today and have done some straight line quilting on it.  Then I've been really brave, covered the feed dogs and I have free motion quilted the fire - I'm so proud of myself, it went so smoothly.  There's more free motion to do, but the light has gone.  Will finish it tomorrow and it will be going to Brighton with us next week - a special Easter gift for Tim.

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