Sunday, 17 January 2010

Swap Project Progress

I've been working on my January Embellisher swap project.  The photo above is the Epson scanner, the photo below is the Canon.  I can't tell which is the best colour representation (if either of them are) so will have to publish the post to my blog and then see what they look like.  Neither have picked up the sparkle of the metallics.
LATER - have to say I think the Epson (top photo) is the best colour prepresentation.  Disappointing as I have just moved it onto the children's computer and reconnected the old Canon to mine.  The Canon definitely wins hands down when it comes to printing photos - no comparison.  Will do some networking and share both printers with both computers - fingers crossed - and get the best of both worlds.

I started with a piece of denim - I have a pile already cut into pieces recycled from old jeans.  Felted wool tops, variegated blue/turquoise/lime, into the denim and then free motioned heavily all over in metallic blue and green.  On top of this I attempted "Pebbling" which is part of  Leah Day's inspirational project  in a bright red/orange.  Each time I free motion I feel that bit more relaxed, I'm really enjoying it.

There's a way to go before this turns into a key tab, but I've been sorting out my sewing area and trying to get some better lighting set up so I can work in the evenings and speed up some of my projects.

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