Saturday, 9 January 2010

FMQ Journey begins

I've made a small table topper with the squares left over from the Christmas quilts and cushions.  This is the first real piece I have FMQ'd (free motion quilted).

I have found the first steps to FMQ extremely hard.  There seems to be a battle which has to be fought between getting your sewing machine fine-tuned in every area and your own mindset and posture.  You approach the first steps with fear and tense muscles and a sewing machine which is determined to object to this new mode of operation.    Success only comes after your initiation which can include broken needles, zillions of snapped threads, taffles, knots and aching neck, shoulder and wrist muscles.  The number of hours this has to be endured varies from person to person, but when the FMQ spirits decide you've done your apprenticeship, suddenly everything works, your muscles relax and your stitching flows smoothly.  There's no clue to what you were doing wrong all those hours, it just works.

Now the festive season is behind us I need to get back into quilt production so I have somewhere to practice my newly acquired (novice) skill of FMQ.


Catswhiskers said...

My word, for a novice in FMQ you have done a wonderful job!
I am a beginner in quilt making and discover everyday a new 'thing'. At the moment am working on hexagons.

I enjoyed very much reading your blog.

Julie said...

That sounds just like my FMQ experience, Lynne. Looks like you've got the hang of it! :)