Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Aids to Free Motion Quilting

I've decided my Christmas/Birthday money will buy me some Machingers quilting gloves and a Supreme Slider  I might also get a pack of  Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers 

I'm in two minds about investing in the Janome add ons free motion feet set (£39) and bobbin case (£25).  It seems like a lot of money to make your machine do something it's already supposed to be able to do, according to the manual........  Are they add ons for the sake of add ons?  Or will they really make life easier?  If anyone knows, please share.


Julie said...

I don't know whether anything I can say will actually be valid as I only have a very basic Janome and I am a complete novice but when I started doing Free Machining I was advised to just use a darning foot and I have found that works fine. I have some quilting gloves and they are invaluable but I haven't bought a slider yet. I have a spare bobbin case which I have marked with nail varnish to distinguish from my everyday bobbin case and which I will use if I need to alter the tension with thicker threads for decorative sewing. Not sure if that's any help? Hope I'm not teaching you to 'suck eggs'! :o)

Lynne said...

Thanks for the input Julie, my gloves should be here today so I'm looking forward to test driving them. Will see how it goes with the bobbin tension - might have to get a spare with lower tension, but at £39 I'd rather avoid it if possible :-) The slider is on order so I'll post my results later.