Friday, 11 September 2009

Gorrrrrrrgeous Tiger Velour

This beautiful, soft fabric arrived this morning - well not actually arrived - it had to be collected from the post office as the ebay seller either hadn't put any stamps on it, or they'd fallen off. Needless to say there was a hefty £3.70 to pay before I could have it.

It is a whim of my son to have a tiger skin bedspread and he has 'commissioned' the project. Faux fur animal prints do nothing at all for me and to be honest, I was dreading having to work with it. However, this is a fine, soft, substantial fabric which is going to be ideal for the job and a pleasure to put through the overlocker. I'm going to back it with black polar fleece and it should be a quick and easy project. The fabric came from Craziladies on Ebay and was very good value.

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