Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumn Treasure

Conkers (Horse Chestnuts) both in and out of their shells, take me back to the infant school nature tables. Walking the dog took us through lots of mature Horse Chestnut trees and being early in the morning, there were lots of newly fallen conkers and some still in their shells there for the taking.


liz said...

What lovely pictures. Really is autumn then, despite the summer weather (not today though)
Thanks for visiting my blog, I must get back to it properly. I think I need some tips from you on layout, yours looks great. After my last disasterous attempt at reform when I lost everything I havent dared change it again:)

Lynne said...

Hi Liz. I really love the colour of shiny conkers!!! I've only recently changed the layout of the blog and the template is "Stretch Denim". The last few layouts I've used have been all squashed up but this one is loads better - the photos usually end up in the right place now, without lots of rearranging. My next challenge is to get a quilt background behind the blog title - could take me some time to figure out :-)