Sunday, 22 March 2009

Progress on Mariner's Compass

A little more progress made on the compass today. Half is sewn and the third quarter is ready to attach. Finished for today, the light has gone and as the points are going together so well, I don't want to spoil it.
The colours are not good on the photo as it is taken in electric light, when it's finished I'll take one in daylight.
I'm enjoying this project - it's a bit more challenging.


Annette said...

Oh WOW - that is going to be fab - looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Sue Wild said...

The mariners compass is coming on very well. I do like the colour contrasts. I've tried to make this using foundation piecing, even using that it's not an easy block to make, but fantastic when done.

Lynne said...

Thanks Annette and Sue for your comments. The tutor assured us this would not be foundation pieced and hers was an easier method!!! Well if that was easy, the foundation piecing must be verging on impossible LOL. It's definitely the hardest technique I've attempted so far.