Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Beginning Sewing for your Home

Here's a new site sponsored by Janome Sew4Home It's aimed at non sewers and points out how easy and economical (compared to high street prices) it is to make your own home decor, soft furnishings, curtains, bedding and the like. The site is in its infancy, but the pillows and cushions part is up and running - if they continue to add to it, it should make a good, simple place for beginners sewers where they won't get overwhelmed with too much technical stuff, or prior knowledge needed.

My favourite site for anything home furnishing is Alternative Windows where there are lots of free instructions for soft furnishing your home. They also sell their books, very reasonably priced, for the more serious home furnisher.

I've made loads of stuff for our house over the years, it's really straightforward and satisfying sewing up a pair of curtains, or new cushions for the sofa, and you can't beat the quality, it's as good as you make it.

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