Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rough Around the Edges

I'm catching up on a few projects, albeit slowly. Feeling a bit rough around the edges due to the worst cold I've had in a long time. Over the worst, but can't hear a thing which is making me miserable. Made some headway with the hand quilting on my Colonial Cushion yesterday and I feel like doing some more today.

I've a quilt workshop booked for Saturday so I hope I'm feeling better by then. All the quilting left overs have been out and cut into 36 ten inch squares ready for "Crazy Quilt". It was suggested at the last workshop that the fabrics should be sort of co-ordinated - unfortunately my stash isn't big enough (thank goodness) to be able to choose a colour theme, so it's a hotchpotch of everything left over from what I have made at the workshops over the last 12 months. It won't be the best looking quilt I've made, but it will clear my conscience if I have used up all the bits and bobs. That frees me to buy new fabric for next years quilts.

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