Sunday, 23 November 2008

Poppy Quilt

Here's the poppy quilt, under the presser foot being machine quilted. I bought these pre-cut squares from Land of Oz Fabric Treasures about 18 months ago. They were one of my earlier attempts at patchwork and I'd sewn them together into blocks and then they were retired to the cupboard, I suppose when I started the monthly quilt workshops almost a year ago.

I dug them out yesterday and finished putting the top together - sharp intakes of breath as I saw gathers, tucks and definitely no matching points. I've loads still to learn, but after seeing this, I know I have made progress over the last 12 months, because I can piece a whole lot better now!!
It 's quite a large lap sized quilt and with the soft cotton batting inside it will be very snugly. One thing I will remember from this is that a black quilt calls for black batting. It's currently covered with fluff which I hope will brush off.
Just the binding to do now.

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Annette said...

WOW - that is fab - looking forward to seeing it.