Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Delightful Site and Fabric Label Tutorial

Whilst reading one of my regular blogs Pin Tangle I came across Patchwork Pottery. (Thanks to Sharon B for this link).

There is some gorgeous work at Patchwork Pottery, I haven't finished reading past posts yet, but what I've seen so far is great. One post in particular worth looking at is the Fabric Labels Tutorial Click Here to see it. I've been looking at various ways to label my quilts and not found anything I'm happy with yet, but this may be a possibility.

Back to Pin Tangle - this was formerly Sharon B's "In a Minute Ago" blog. She has moved to a paid for site and that is something which I have been wondering about for a while. All the work which goes into our blogs and they are held on a free web site. What if something went wrong, or the site closed down. My blog isn't up to much but it's a personal record which I'd be devastated to lose.


liz said...

Great links, Lynne. Interesting point about the blogs as well, I would be quite upset to lose all the stuff on my blog, it is, as you say, a personal record. I never realised I made so much until I started recording it. Actually I don't think I finished so much before I started writing about it!

sharonb said...

I wanted to say thinks for the link and agree with you about feeling insecure. I think the free sites are great to test out if you like blogging and get a sense of the blogging world. Some people take i=to it but others don't. However if you do take to it a lot of time goes into it and its part of your history - a tiny bit of who you are so its worth taking a little seriously. Just my 2 cents worth