Saturday, 22 November 2008

Crazy Patchwork

Last week's quilt workshop at Hutton Buscel (I'm spelling it correctly now, without the "h") was Crazy Patchwork. It was very free and easy, a quick and uncomplicated way to use up scraps. I say scraps, but as I have found out, to qualify as a scrap at the workshops, it needs to be a minimum of 10 inches square - quite a big scrap in my limited fabric stash.
36 blocks make up the lap quilt and I got 12 done on the day, so a third of the way to completion. I am going to use sashing in between the blocks and that will increase the size and separate the rather busy fabrics I have used. I haven't bought anything new for this quilt so I am feeling good about using up fabrics, some of which I have had hanging around for eight years.
I _might_ start making up these blocks as I finish quilts - that way I would have more co-ordinated blocks and every so often they could be brought together as a crazy quilt. Quite a good idea if I actually do it, but like all intentions, some don't come to fruition.

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Anonymous said...

I love doing these type of squares. I am just doing some now. which I put lace,buttons and beads on. All look lovely. I am going to add sashing to make a quilt. Bye for now Pam