Friday, 31 October 2008

Tackling the Mundane.....

With "Around the Twist" quilt top finished I thought I should do one or two repairs and alterations which have been hanging around for longer than I care to admit. Firstly, due to some weight loss, my work trousers now fall down to my hips, and the crotch almost reaches my knees. They don't sell these favourite trousers of mine any more, so a few weeks ago I raised the waist on one pair - very successful, but it meant they have been going into the washer overnight ready for the next day. Now the second pair is done we won't need the radiators on to dry them, regardless of the temperature in the house.
Second job was my eldest son's favourite T shirt, something to do with a pop group (I'll probably get into trouble for calling it "pop"). One of the sleeves had almost come completely out, really shoddy quality, but cost a fortune I expect. That has gone back in with a stretch stitch and looks as good as new.
Third job, my younger son's jeans, hardly worn and the rivet button on the waist band has come out leaving a hole in the fabric - a more trickier project, but I remembered my 4900QC has a darning feature and gave that a go. I am WELL IMPRESSED with this stitch and very pleased I tried it out. I used a small patch of denim from an old pair of jeans and darned over it. The fabric of the waistband is now rock solid (might be a bit of an exaggeration) and will be more than strong enough to hold a button. I matched the thread colours, different front and back and the repair is only visible on close inspection. Next job is finding a suitable button!!

I need to experiment more with the bells and whistles of my latest sewing machine as there are lots of areas I haven't explored yet. Hand quilting stitch is next using invisible thread on top and quilting thread in the bobbin. Stitch numbers 55, 56 and 58 are the ones to use. I only found out about these by accident, nothing is mentioned in the manual. It's a very basic book and there is no workbook for this particular machine, someone in the know could make a fortune if they wrote one I'm sure.


liz said...

Hi Lynne, I've been repairing stuff today as well.
Passing on an award to you, if you would like to join in. No compulsion, just if you feel likeit.

Lynne said...

Oh my, thank you Liz. My first award. It will be hard to pick just five blogs, I enjoy so many.