Thursday, 18 September 2008

Taste of the 2009 Quilt Workshops

Barbara Slee who is a very popular tutor at the Quilts For All day courses I go to at Hutton Bushcel, is retiring from travel teaching next year. She has agreed to do two more days for us and these are the projects we will be doing.

1000 Pyramids in June and Stars in September. There are 7 other day courses on the programme between January and December and I'm hard pressed to think which ones not to do. Keeping up with one a month this year has been hard so I thought I would do less next year. Maybe the decision will be too hard and I'll have to do them all................

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liz said...

I very much like the pyramids quilt, are there really 1000? Go on do all the courses. You won't do anything else with the time, all your jobs will suddenly expand to fill it. Best to make sure it's all ready filled in with something fun, I say.