Sunday, 7 September 2008

Around The Twist - Quilt Workshop

Very enjoyable day at Hutton Bushcel quilt workshop. Tutor Barbara Slee showed us "Around the Twist". We were told to cut and make up enough blocks to construct a corner of the quilt - that way Barbara could cover all the techniques we needed before we went home. Although it looks complex, there are no difficult bits. Getting everything together in the right order is the key.
The lady who organises the workshop gave us the programme for next year - looks to be lots of days I would like to do, even though I was hoping to cut back a little next year, not because I don't want to go - just to give me more time in between to finish each project.


liz said...

Hi Lynne, you seem to have the quilting bug! I really like that quilt you linked to in a previous post - the crazy quilt one.
Your around the twist looks brilliant, are you going to do more?

Lynne said...

Hi Liz, I'm really into the quilting - probably due to the monthly quilt workshops. It's more fun working with others than plodding along on your own. The tutors who are booked are always excellent, most of them travel teach around the country. I will be completing the "Around the Twist" - it's quite a big one, but at the workshop we only make a portion in the time we have and the tutor makes sure we are confident with all the blocks etc so we won't have a problem continuing it at home.