Sunday, 15 June 2008

Lots of Sewing / Quilting

Spent a good part of Friday and all afternoon today working on my North Wind Scrappy quilt. It's shaping up now - over half way through the blocks and all the complete blocks have been sewn into fours. Laid out on the bed it looks bigger than I expected, but that's not a problem. I've got enough fabric to make it bigger, but am thinking I might make matching cushion covers instead. Some of my early blocks are not quite exact, but as I've progressed, they have improved a lot. I tend to be over critical I'm told - I see minute imperfections and they irritate me. Only a fellow quilter will notice some blocks are not quite 'on point'.

By tea time I'd seen enough 'brown' but not exhausted my quilting passion. Decided to switch to the Two Block quilt. It only needed 8 of the simple blocks - I ran out of fabric so it got put aside. They're done now - just a few left to square up and then it can be put together.

I don't have enough wadding for both quilts - am toying with the idea of ordering some, rather than going to the shop again. I need to clear all UFOs before being tempted to buy any more fabric. Maybe my next blog entry should be a "Quilts To Do" list. I've lost track of how many there is.

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