Saturday, 10 November 2007

Janome FM725 Needle Kit

Bad day for the embellisher needles - tried punching wool tops into pelmet vilene. Turns out this is not a good idea - three, yes three needles shattered in less than 5 minutes. That sort of trashed a £10 needle unit in one go. That left me with a 4 needle unit and a 2 needle unit.............

My other half, came to the rescue. Telephoned him at work and he went round the corner to the sewing shop and got me the new needle kit - although it's £25, it must be more economical in the long run as I can now replace individual needles as they break. There's 10 needles in the kit and a new presser foot which needs to go on the machine to use with this needle unit. Don't know what the difference is but will find out tomorrow when I get it set up.

There's info about the renamed Xpression - FM725 and the new needle kit in the Janome Autumn 2007 newsletter on page 3.


liz said...

Thanks for this information Lynne, I need to get one of those units.

Lynne said...

Liz, It was altogether a more relaxed experience with the needle unit in. Up to now I've been a bit tense thinking about breaking a needle and not being able to carry on without a trip to the sewing shop or a mail order. Now I'm punching in the shoulders down, relaxed position!! Pity Janome aren't including it as standard in line with the other manufacturers.