Thursday, 18 October 2007

Purse Swap

Due to be sent by the end of October, another UK Embellisher Swap A small purse. I've enjoyed this one. I bought some soluble fabric stabiliser at the Harrogate show last week - I used it as a rectangle base and felted pink, blue, red and royal blue onto it in different directions. For the flower and leaf I drew the rough shapes on to the stabiliser and felted just over the lines. Did lines of straight stitch for the leaf veins and also for the flowers centre. Trimmed both to shape following the lines. Removed the fabric stabiliser by running cold water over all, then laid on a towel on a radiator to dry. Lined with baby blue polyester satin, a few beads, butterfly button and gold thread to wrap around the button finished it off. I'm pleased with this one, hope my swap partner is. I think it is rather more decorative than functional, but I don't mind - not everything has to 'work' - it can be just pretty to look at.

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liz said...

I think this is absolutely fabulous. You are getting on much better than me, I haven't tried making actual felt yet. It's very difficult to get out of the everything has to be functional thing isn't it? I haven't managed that yet either:)