Thursday, 25 October 2007

Autumn Notebook Swap

I'm not sure if this is my 4 Seasons Autumn swap, or Covered Notebook swap - will have to make up my mind. It's OK for either, but as always, I'm having difficulty making a decision. In real life, the colours are a bit more subtle than on the photo - the scanner is sometimes a bit inaccurate. If it hadn't been such a grey day I would have tried a photograph instead, but without any sunshine whatsoever, it wouldn't have been any better. I pulled wisps of all the Autumny tops and blended them together in my hands. Then straight to the embellisher, no stabiliser this time. Kept adding to it until it was the right size. When done, I punched it onto a base of brown ready made felt and turned the ends in to hold the notebook in place. Separate leaves, on which I handstitched the veins (oh my goodness), were punched on the front. I really love the colours on this, another case of wishing I'd done two so I have one for myself. Maybe I will when I've completed my outstanding swaps - definitely no shortage of wool tops

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