Friday, 14 September 2007

Great Northern Quilt Show

Sunday 9th September I had a great day at the show in Harrogate. My friend Jenny came with me and it was much more fun having some company - I usually go on my own. We took two workshops, one with Sylvia Critcher called Corded and Stuffed - a square pincushion combining Italian quilting, French cording and English quilting and the other was a crazy pieced embellished bag with Sally Holman. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The techniques we learned are things I would do again. There wasn't time to finish either of the projects, but I have almost done the pincushion and will complete the bag soon. Photos to come later.

I have never been to such a quiet show, but that meant that it was easy to get around and see all the stalls - it was my first quilt show and I'm already looking forward to the next one. The quilts on display were beautiful and inspirational.

Did a bit of shopping including fabric to make an "Out of Africa" quilt. I can't start this yet as there are other works in progress, but once these are done this one is next on the list.

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