Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Sun Painting kit is here!

What better day for the sun painting kit to arrive - it's been sunny all day and no sign of showers. I got bits and pieces of calico and cotton lawn from my stash and set up in the summer house with a plastic covered table. The table is light enough to be lifted outside into the sunshine when all is ready. A couple of fabric pieces were tied tightly, thought I might as well do a little tie dying at the same time. The other fabric was laid out flat and some Rowan (Mountain Ash) leaves at the ready. All the fabric was damp and I used the sponge brush from the kit to paint, blob, dip and dab the various colours onto it. Laid the leaves on a couple of pieces, then carried the table outside. The breeze was a bit of a problem with the plastic table covering, but putting tea light candles round the edges sorted that. The sun was beating down.............but not for long. Within minutes of setting everything up ready to dry, the sky went dark and the clouds burst. Table had to be rushed back inside with bits and pieces falling everywhere. results are not what I intended, but they are pretty and will make super bases for embellishing swaps and little pieces of fabric art. Will try again at the weekend - Lorraine on UK Embellisher Swap says it can be done inside providing there is plenty of light, so if the weather doesn't improve, I'll set up near my sunniest window.

The bits are hung in front of the radiator to finish drying, then the dye needs fixing with the iron.

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