Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More Charms

Another lovely parcel. Swap charms from Liz - jewel colours and so pretty both sides. Thank you Liz.
I bet my fellow swappers are wondering where my charms are. Well, nearly done. I thought I'd finished them, but a few were not quite right round the edges, so I'm doing a little more work and then they will be in the post.


liz said...

I found the charms the hardest thing to do so far. I don't think I work neatly enough to make such little things. My edges were a mess. But I enjoyed them the most too, because I learned new things doing them. It's really interesting seeing what everyone else does, looking forward to seeing yours.

Lynne said...

Me too, I struggled with the edges and was not really satisfied with them, but stuck knowing how to make them better. Hope no one is too disappointed with them.