Sunday, 10 June 2007

Don't forget to paint!

I've been falling behind a bit with my painting projects, so every time I've been dealing with laundry sorting this week, I have done one basecoat onto the cork board for my embellisher swaps. It's currently in a lime green state - which is not something I would show publicly right now!! Will leave the photo until it is a task accomplished. It only takes 10 minutes or so to get a base on and it hasn't interfered with my other 'duties' by doing it in short stages. Need to make a decision on final design before I do any more. Retro floral is floating around in my head - I've certainly no shortage of paint in the lime green / electric pink department.

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Jane M said...

Dear Lynne - I have just been having a look at your blog and realise what a long way I have to go, in spite of starting to sew over 40 years ago, albeit with a very long gap in between. You are also amazingly versatile aren't you. I will keep an eye with great interest.

Jane M