Saturday, 12 May 2007


The arrival of the new sewing machine prompted me to get on and finish two Christmas quilts which have been hanging fire for a couple of years. Success - they are done and ready to go into the loft with the other Christmas paraphenalia. Next I bought some "Vintage pre cut fabric squares" from Ebay. Not sure what I was going for, but washed, pressed and carefully rotary cut sounded good to me. I'm not very good with drawing/cutting straight lines having good vision in only one eye. They arrived and looked pretty - I bought a pink set and a blue one. The choice of fabrics is very good - being a newby quilter I would have struggled to put colours together so well. What I didn't like so much was the cutting out - I think I could do better blindfolded - so lesson learned, in future I will do my own cutting out. I have nearly finished the pink one, with the inaccurate cutting the points don't match, but that can't be helped. When I come to use the blue set, I will check and trim it all up before starting.
Pictures of the finished Christmas quilts and the work in progress "Pretty in Pink" quilt. This is my first attempt at patchwork - I have plenty of room for improvement.

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liz said...

Great blog, Lynne:) I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up posting, as wel, but I've found I get prompted t finish things so I can post about them:)